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RUMAH SORGUM (Sorghum's House)
The founding of PT Gluten Free Indonesia, besides it is a company, also a house of sorghum. The reason is that, the main focus of its business are producing and supplying of many gluten free products using sorghum as the main ingredient.

Sorghum is chosen because besides it is not contain gluten, sorghum food can be also accepted for wheat allergen and today, it is recognized as the fifth important cereal in the world. Besides, it is used as a functional food, sorghum can be consumed as an alternative food.

In the term of nutrition, sorghum is highly contain of nutrition facts, such as, high in protein (serve a half of 48 % daily protein recommended), high in fiber, high in vitamin like niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine, also important minerals, like magnesium, iron, copper, calcium and phosphor.

PT Gluten Free Indonesia also commit to give good service to the customers. Some sorghum products are from some qualified sorghum producers in Indonesia. The sorghum products we produce are pure sorghum, sorghum, sorghum premium, red rice sorghum, black rice sorghum and sorghum flours. Sorghum products make your health everyday because the nutrition inside. It has had permission path from Dinas Ketahanan Pangan dan Peternakan, Balai Otoritasi Kompeten Keamanan Pangan Daerah; KEMTAN RI PD No. 32.71-II.II.05-03-00001-05/17 and Halal MUI No.01221184470517.

So that all sorghum products we produce are hygienic and gluten free, It's easy to cook such as: nasi Maroko, sorghum porridge and other.

Sorghum flours we produce has had certificate of Halal MUI No.01221184470517, P-IRT No. 2063271010497-21 (superfine sorghum flour) and 2063271010497-21 (all purpose sorghum flour and its quinine derivatives; are cake flour, cookies flour, white bread flour, sorghum bread flour, pancake flour, waffle flour, sandwich flour, fried flour.) And we keep improve our product to reach what people need.

The main reason why do we choose sorghum as the main business is sorghum has so many function for human health: to keep human digestion system, to protect from cancer, diabetic control, health bone, to raise circulation and production of red cell bloods, and other.


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