The idea to establish a company that focus on gluten free product is based on the personal experience of the owner. This is due to the fact that the owner has had the problem of stomach and headache for many years. All efforts have been tried to find out what was caused of her problem. She has done many consultations with many doctors in many countries. However, there was no any result that could give satisfied answer to her problem. Finally, the clear answer of her problem was identified in one of the hospital in Europe and she was diagnosed CELIAC DISEASE.

According to the doctor that this kind of disease do not need any medication unless she has to do strictly gluten free diet throughout of her life. Starting from that day, she has been trying to learn and find out what kind of food that she can take safely without containing any gluten.

By learning from food technology specialist and many books, she is able to understand and find out that there are so many sources of food and products free from gluten. However, this kind of foods are very difficult to find in market. For this reason, Through self learning, she has been trying to develop and improve many products that are free from gluten as well as have the same taste and texture as the gluten one.

Taking this opportunity, she decide to form a company, PT Gluten Free Indonesia that was established in October 2015. At the beginning, the company was focused mainly on producing gluten free flour using only sorghum grain. Sorghum is a healthy grain which has texture almost similar to wheat. By developing many kinds of gluten free flours, she has been able to use it for making bread, cake, cookies and many other purposes. She hopes that everyone who has the same problem, now they can find easily and consume products that are free from gluten, healthy, nutritious, tasty, delicious and cheap.

Now, all these gluten free products are available at Unis Gluten Free bakery and healthy food.


PT Gluten Free Indonesia would like to thank and appreciate to the Center for Agricultural Postharvest Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture for their supports and guidance from the beginning of partnership in developing and improving of our gluten free products.

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